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We make great ideas...
...into great products

The demand on our hyper creativity is not simply for our visual sensitivity, but for our ideation, knowledge of trends, engineering and science. We are responsible for illustrating beauty as well as devising clever mechanisms.

Great Ideas into Great Products   Great Ideas into Great Products  

‘Our passion for exploring “what if” is equalled by our commitment to see the product successfully manufactured‘


It is an artistic sensitivity for form and brand, the application of knowledge in engineering and science, and our collective lateral thinking and empathy, that gives viability to the big statement ”what if?”

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Much of the work undertaken is shadowed by the visual personality of the designs. However, underpinning the artistic temperament is a strong engineering and technical ability.

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We design to commercial objectives. Products that will be made, that are affordable and will make money. So much so, that for many of our clients we manufacture the products we design; providing a turnkey design and build solution.

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