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XR8 Traxion

Much of the work carried out by 3fD is shadowed by the visual personality of the designs. However, underpinning this artistic temperament is a strong engineering and technical ability. A winning combination for this arboreal equipment manufacturer.

Affectionately called “optimus prime” by the the team, this steel fabricated wood chipper lifts off its caterpillar tracks so that it can operate on railway embankments.

One of the perils of fabricated products is that they often evolve without a structured design process. It is easy to add another bracket or grind a bit off to ensure a fit. This gets the job done but plays havoc with the idea of datums and tolerances.

Keen to see the advantages this would have on assembly and servicing, this forward thinking company has embraced our design process. We are now working on some new products that may well place the company as the JCB of the arboreal world.


In Pictures


Projects are rarely a clean sheet of paper and this project certainly inherited a lot of its personality from its predecessors.


We designed the mechanism, calculated the loads, and specified the build.


We could have simulated the whole mechanism to the last millimeter but instead chose to compliment the exercise with a working sample. It is often more cost effective to do so and can provide some unexpected insight.

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