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Revolutionary Eyewear

A revolution in eyewear for riders, the Lid Vision system combines aggressive styling with innovative mechanisms in the pursuit of comfort and safety for all riders. This product is not simply about looking good, it is about dependability and safety. The very soul of this product revolves around an intricate counterbalance mechanism used to maintain the perceived weight regardless of visor position.


Our process first involved solving the theory on paper before developing prototypes in-house to prove and test this theory. Working with 3D form and visual maths from the very beginning, we were able to quickly develop viable options whilst all the time thinking of manufacture and the end product.

Using the latest aluminium 3D printed technology and flame polished PC, we created stunning exhibition quality prototypes, providing a real marketing boost. Combine this with a beautifully finished CGI video, illustrating the intended use and function of the product, and the client had all the tools they needed to create the hype that drove the product forward.

CGI Breakdown

Our in house CGI and animation toolkit allowed us to produce the video for the launch of Lid Vision's first product. By taking the engineering data from our CAD systems we were able to run the production of the animation in parallel with the development of the product. This meant that even before the design was fully resolved we were progressing with the video. By working in this way we were able to ensure that all aspects of the design were kept up to date and in line with the product as it evolved.

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