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Quantum LED Lighting

Abacus Lighting and 3fD, have worked together to define a vision for low energy, open space LED lighting. The Quantum is not only a visual statement in LED lighting, it is also highly adaptive to any market.

 The Challenge

  • low weight
  • cost targeted
  • 160 KPH wind load testing.
  • Suitable for both Class I and Class II appliance protection
  • Modular adaptable design that will fit existing poles
  • Passive cooling of lighting modules.

Team comment

Good design stands the test of time by earning the respect of those that use it. Our designers didn’t just want someone to look at the product and say "nice"; they wanted Quantum to be the product of choice for anyone who has to install, service or specify luminaires. We sought to champion the needs of a man servicing this product ten years from now even though it would have been so much easier not to.


Materials and Processes

  • Die cast aluminium with plastic IP enclosures.
  • Judicious use of fasteners and component features optimises the weight and cost.

In Pictures


3fD developed an LED module to use within the illuminaire. An array of high output LEDs' delivered the performance but the challenge was to disspate the heat passively. A task made harder when operating in an ambient temperature of 50 degrees celsius!


One of the major factors to consider when developing this product was its ability to withstand high winds. Therefore, we tested the affects using wind-tunnel style simulations that gave us an accurate insight into the forces that would be acting upon it.

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