Abacus Lighting and 3fD, worked together to define a vision for low energy, open space LED lighting. The Quantum is not only a visual statement in LED lighting, it is also highly adaptive to any market. The design was calculated through simulation for the extremes of 160 KPH wind speeds and the soring temperatures of Dubai. The low profile ultra bright LEDmodule was developed by the 3fD team exclusively for the Quantum and was able to operate passively cooled in 50 degreees ambient at full power.

“Our designers wanted Quantum to be the product of choice for anyone who has to install, service or specify luminaires.”

The engineering design was an exercise in optimised components and efficient assembly, for weight saving and cost advantages. The quantum not only achieved its lighting performance targets but is suitable for both Class I and Class II appliance protection. However, good lighting design stands the test of time by earning the respect of those that have to install and service it; something the team at 3fD were very keen to achieve.