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Medical and Scientific

Fundamental to this sector is our technical bandwidth. This gives us the ability to provide physical solutions to theoretical principles or unresolved problems. Even when we are only designing the outer appearance we have an empathy with the technical intent.

We are engaged to provide the mechanical and production support for devices and also the interactive design relating to product use. As with all product sectors this also includes the visual appearance. Consistent with our ethos, and particularly worthy in this sector, we make sure the performance is enhanced and not impeded by the styling.

The highly regulated medical industry asks for us to provide technical files and a design process in accordance with ISO 13485. We remain up to date with the latest changes to medical device regulations and requirements. We also coordinate with regulatory bodies in any sector.

In Pictures


Functional forms

This vein scanner has been made liquid tight for cleaning purposes.


Manufacturing savvy design

Our knowledge of plastics feeds back from our production experience. Here triple injection eliminates unwanted bug traps, combines light shields into the casing, and seals the lenses from liquid ingress.


Technical Input

Computer simulation made it possible to design for a predictable flexible movement. This ensured that the emitters exert 0.01N of contact pressure at any bend angle. The emitters' angle to the target area also remains the same for any size patient.

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