A revolution in eyewear for riders, the Lid Vision system combines aggressive styling with innovative mechanisms in the pursuit of comfort and safety for all riders. This product is not simply about looking good, it is about dependability and safety. The very soul of this product revolves around an intricate counterbalance mechanism used to maintain the perceived weight regardless of visor position.

Working with 3D form and visual math, we were able to quickly develop viable options whilst all the time thinking of manufacture and the visual expression of the end product. Physical prototypes enabled us to verify the ergonomics and function of the design. However, our CGI production team produced a high impact video for the Lid Vision promotions. This video used the data being created by the engineering team and could therefore run in parallel with the development of the product. This meant that the product had global marketing potential without the need for expensive simulated prototypes that would need to be handled with care to select audiences.