Unlike other hose timers, the Flostem hose meter accurately measures volume and allows the user to decide how much water to deliver through the hose before switching off the supply. No more waterlogged lawns from sprinklers that are left on. No more ponds overflowing onto patios.

The 3fD team redirected the initial brief into the product that it is today. We established that measuring volume was the exciting difference to other devices, as long as it was still cheap and passive. Putting ‘the how’ into our ‘what if’ was an R&D undertaking that fuels the 3fD team . At the heart of the product is a gearbox smaller than a golf ball and yet delivering an impressive 250,000:1 ratio.

We used physical prototypes and flow simulation to perfect the impeller technology required to drive the gearbox accurately. Today, the product is capable of achieving the level of accuracy typically attained in billable meter applications.

“ All the products owned by Flostem are inspired and developed by award winning design company 3fD. The experience of 3fD to design and manufacture wonderful products is the foundations of Flostem’s ability to penetrate markets and deliver appropriate technology where and when it is needed.” - Don Laird, FloSTEM Sales Director.