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Smaller than a golf ball, this little device measures a specified quantity of water before switching off the flow. Using volume instead of time, to regulate consumption, allows the device to offer a unique approach to water saving. This enables the user to monitor their usage in packets, but also educates them to reduce the flow to extend the available time. 

The patented device was visualised by our team to answer the market opportunity brought by the client. We established that measuring volume was the exciting difference to other devices, as long as it was still cheap and passive. Putting ‘the how’ into our ‘what if’ was an R&D undertaking justified by the market advantage it gives.

So its a clever mechanism, and there are a lot of parts. But what was equally ingenious, were the jigs that evolved alongside to make assembly easy, and avoid mistakes.

In Pictures


Developed originally for hose pipe use....


…… the design has also been adapted for retro fitting to showers.


Scores of FDM printed models were used to test accuracy...


….and define the hydro-static properties of the critical parts.

"Two words ... very impressive"
— Metatec Ltd, Business Development Manager
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