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Electronic Enclosures

Some of the most popular products in the market today are electronic. The most successful of these present the electronics for maximum user experience.  Just putting the clever bits in a box is no longer enough in any market.

Frustrated by poor performance at a trade show, a marketing director for a medical company came to the studio. He was proud of the function of his products and the technical ability of his staff but recognised that the product lacked the social skills of modern products to appeal to the market. He wanted to change this, what he actually requested was to “put plastic round it and make it look sexy”.

There is however, more than just an aesthetic that is required to do justice to the hidden mastery of the electronic product. Sure, the design language is the attention grabber but the quality of the user experience is by far the most convincing sales tool.

User experience describes many things from communicating how it works to reassuring feedback that all is well. Switches, lights, and graphic displays you might surmise. But this diminishes the scale of possibilities that only a specific problem can ignite; the choice of materials to cope with the application, the durability of the components, the IP rating of the enclosure, and the acceptable cost by which a user is happy. Get the user experience right and building a brand is largely self propelling.

Product design is more than looking "cool" .....

....satisfaction is in the tactile click that serves you when you use it, the reassurance of a product that is put together well, and a price performance ratio that makes the user feel good about their purchase.

In Pictures


Functional reliability

From the start the clock ticked loud for a design with unproven functions. Phone companies left a trail of calamities for such mechanisms as flip up screens so we need to be top of our game. We delivered the product on time with testing just a formality.


Bringing it all together

The press are calling PayPal Here “a funky design”. Right on brief! Not easily achieved when tamper proof security is top priority as well as a caveat of; no screws, no ultrasonic welding, and no reliance on clips. Some 3fD magic required for this one.


Material choice

Looks good but only when the plastics are right. This sits on a dash board in 50°C plus heat!


Using the right language

This product reflects the companies mantra of strong, tough products for use within an industrial environment.

Brilliant. You really listened. Every concept is on the money!
— South Downs Solar, Managing Director
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