Working with advertising agencies or directly with the brand owner, we offer an all-in-one price for design and supply of bespoke premium products through our manufacturing sister company; IKONYX.

Get us close in with the ideas formation and we offer a product and manufacturing perspective very early on. We take great ideas, keep them grand, but make them doable. We provide costs and time lines, taking care to deliver all of the awkward information for confident business pitches. Our designers will even produce the artwork for the high impact presentation.

When it comes to ideas, we are not shy of being creative ourselves. We have knowledge of materials and processes to do the things that are more exciting. We have a handle on costs and timescales for commercial viability. We ensure compliance with regulatory standards, and of course, we have the engineering familiarity of product design.

Ultimately we supply the finished article in large volumes anywhere in the world. Because the product is designed to be manufactured, the finished goods are always to the highest standard. Vital if they are momentary ambassadors to a brand!

For these very fast response clients, 3fD provides more acceleration; a turbo boost to creative agencies.

“I had no doubt you were going to deliver” - SAB Miller, Global Marketing Brand Manager