20 years ago we designed a tap hole blank for a range of sinks in the AGA Rangemaster group. Today, we continue to design for the most iconic designs in Britain; the AGA.

As trends emerge and the market bustles, AGA Rangemaster has looked to us for inspiration. They have a strong sense of their market and an expert engineering team to provide the building blocks. Our creativity is purely focused on the design language with a constant side-swipe from left of field with alternative thinking.

The styles are as varied as the target markets they are aimed at. From classic to contemporary, traditional to French, with every brief comes a renewed sense of enthusiasm - the creativity is never ending. We unite with AGA Rangemaster to enjoy the product achievements. The ‘French styled’ Elise range-cooker became the second best selling cooker in Europe.

“Our relationship with 3fD has lasted longer than most marriages”, “I am constantly amazed at their ability to bring original thinking to every project.” - Richard Fozard, Marketing Director