“It’s what every business wants but how do you get it?”

The next BIG thing

One of the most common misjudgements of innovation is the assumption that the focus should be on the solution. In fact, it is derived from identifying the problem accurately.

At 3fD we have the kind of human creativity that unlocks opportunity. It is more than a process, it is a state of mind. One that doesn’t assume, but questions and then seeks validation.

“Innovation is solving a problem a new way.
A good product is when there is a good reason to do so.”

Coming to us with a fully considered brief implies that our creativity is to be restricted to implementing “the solution”. We are happy to do this, but engaging with us earlier, when there is just the desire to do something more, allows our creative input to help identify opportunity that may otherwise be missed.


Validation of a hypothesis is whatever is necessary to support or refute a thought. We have the ingenuity to devise the means to explore ideas and have many resources at our disposal to conduct the experiments. Budgets are always tight so we are careful to conduct the right experiment and obtain results that will move us forwards.


One of the most difficult aspects of innovating is that by its very nature you have to venture into the unknown. Be too advanced in your thinking and your customer base won’t get it. Manage the effort wrongly and budgets will not make the journey. Concentrate too much on the technology instead of the business case and the commercial reasons will not be there. The whole pioneering thing can suddenly find you responsible for answers you can't support with hard facts.

Our leadership through uncharted territory is comparable to having a mountain guide with knowledge of dangers and safe routes. We will guide you through the process to a commercially successful conclusion or return you to a safe place.


Innovating requires us to understand intellectual property law. Not only to avoid infringements but to gain protection for our clients. We will work with your IP team or with our attorneys to identify the novel features that form the claims and specification of your patent.

Our Expertise