It's one thing to produce a design, a prototype, and a huge excitement for the future, but there is another mountain to climb. One that requires manufacturing, quality control, certification, supply chain management, shipping, taxation etc. And, if the whole project is not synchronised are you going to get there on budget?

Our manufacturing capability comes in the form of an industrial factory in China with a center of excellence for tooling, plastic moulding, and assembly. We also have a brigade of supply chain managers to source and control components on a global scale.

"At the coal face" experience

For the 3fD team manufacturing influences begin even with the first sketch, ambitious design is immediately discussed in terms of tooling, and design guidelines for generic processes are replaced with ‘at the coal face’ experience. The net effect is a more comprehensive design service that can move quicker and with a high level of confidence.

We own the problems

If we manufacture on behalf of our clients the design is still owned by the client. The client will still be seen as the manufacturer in the eyes of the law so it is important that you remain the owner of all design decisions. However, the design company is now part of the end game so you have the reassurance that all advice offered and all work undertaken will be strategically aligned and all problems will be owned.

Our Expertise