Understanding users and consumers is how you create products that people want. They need to connect with the offering and feel the purchase will enhance their lives. Everyone is different but we are all human. Getting it right is not so difficult but getting it wrong is avoidable.

User Experience, UX

At root level we employ designers that are empathetic. We understand that we are designing for people and put this first when we assess our work. “Designed by humans for humans” will with the right mindfulness achieve great designs. However, sometimes we need to explore behaviour to discover how a product can improve life. Ethnographic research can not only highlight opportunities but can also help to avoid getting it wrong too.

We offer an approach to each project that can suit all budgets and remain appropriate for the intended audience.


Part of designing for people is making a product fit. There is a lot data available from independent studies that we can use but there is always a benefit in testing ideas physically.

Even when designing something as large as a catamaran we use mock-ups to test the practicality in human terms. The team use 3D printers to constantly verify their work for ergonomic fit, assembly and ease of use.

User Interfaces, UI

Most products engage with the user at some level. Digital has increased functionality that a product can offer and has created the need for intuitive and easy to use graphic interfaces. This interface is key to consumer engagement and satisfaction.

We focus on the user to anticipate their expectations and allow them to feel in control. The more complex the interface demands are the more important it is for us to simplify it. We use a variety of tools to engineer the unnecessary out of the way to create happier, satisfied and highly engaged users.

Our Expertise