We have the skills and resources to confidently embark on challenging and technically demanding projects.

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA)

This is the jewel in our crown and fundamental to our success. With our own manufacturing facility and established supply chains our design process is firmly rooted in design for manufacture.

We know that everything we do will ultimately face the challenge of manufacture. Even if we don’t do the manufacturing, our capability to do so is testament to the emphasis we put on our designs being viable.

Computer aided design (CAD)

3D modelling is the backbone to modern design process and accessing engineering tools. We red-line these tools to achieve the sort of robust thinking that is synonymous with quality products. We have history with the emergence of 3D CAD and have continued developing the best way of working to maximise its effectiveness.

Computer simulations

Computational analysis allow us to optimise components for performance and price. However, the most valuable application is verification of principle to achieve confidence in the viability of thought. Used this way we can reduce the time and money spent developing new products.

Physical prototypes

Working so much in digital mediums it is vital to maintain a sense of context with the real world. Our designers constantly verify designs with high resolution FDM 3D printing equipment.
Confidence comes from certainty, and being sure of oneself is vital for rapid progress.


We choose the materials to suit the purpose and balance this with target costs, availability, and manufacturing processes. We continue to expand our toolbox of materials and processes and have even developed our own manufacturing processes to get where we need to be.

Electronics Engineering

We offer a fully integrated electronics and app development service from initial product feasibility through to prototyping and design for manufacture…..

…...from the smallest battery powered devices to highly regulated medical devices.

Mechanisms and Machines

We love mechanisms and will proudly demonstrate our expertise in this field. Whatever the application there is often a mechanical solution to transform input force and movement into a desired set of outputs. We have designed high speed money sorting machines, a self adjusting monitor stand, deep sea pneumatic hammer chisel, hydraulic lifting equipment, and numerous other ‘clever’ devices

Our Expertise