“Great design is a mastered set of elegant compromises.”

No marker pens! We use 3D sketching to explore ideas. It allows us to reconcile differences between what works as an idea and how it relates in the real world. Using the right tools for the job makes a better appraisal of what is likely to be a good design proposition.

3D Sketching

Even our first scribbles explore the creative virtues of an idea in the digital 3D environment. We can hold onto ergonomic or other functional data so that proposed designs are not simply visual teases. The sketches are ‘intelligent’ and believable…..and what is more subsequent engineering stages have no reverse engineering costs.

It's all in the detail

We have an in-house render farm justified by the CGI production side of the business that allows our product designers to design and visualise in real time. They are able to explore surface finishes and textures on even the most complex designs without negatively impacting on their creative time. The result is more polished ideas early in the process that energise the ambitions of both client and team.

Staying grounded

Visualising in 3D allows us to access downstream processes like rapid prototyping to get spatial models accurately and quickly. As form and function, cost and risk, battle it out in the design process, quick access to early spatial models keep flamboyant design from leaving the ground.

There are many times when the function of a product is adequate but needs updating. Fashions change and these trends are driven by people. We make it our business to stay current and at the same time make our designs aspirational.

Our Expertise