Our 3D visualisation, animation and storytelling techniques allow our clients to showcase their products and ideas beautifully. CGI offers this opportunity even before physical prototypes are produced. Investors can get involved, crowdfunding campaigns take off and market anticiaption is able to grow.

Capture your market with a compelling product video

From the moment of inspiration, you face the challenge of communicating your vision. From investors to buyers; use video to motivate those around you. We craft product videos that capture audiences, motivate investors and grow brand awareness.

  • Boost your crowdfunding campaign
  • Grow your online social media presence
  • Communicate your vision clearly
  • Demonstrate all product virtues concisely
  • Broadcast to audiences both online and offline

Use the impossible to explain the possible

As with so many of our favourite movies, the wonder of video and CGI is the ability to create the unimaginable. In design, it is this same disregard for the physical world that allows us to show a product’s normally hidden secrets.

Whether it’s a tour inside a jet engine at full throttle, a display of light moving through projector, or vapour being produced inside a vaporiser, the ability to show the impossible allows for highly stimulating communication.

Gain traction on crowdfunding platforms

Crowdfunding demands that your marketing begins long before the product is available. A powerful product video can truly connect with your audience. Demonstrate all of the virtues of your product, see it in-situ and allow potential backers to visualise your idea in the same way you do.

Expand your audience with “Virtual Prototypes”

A prototype to prove usability and function is one thing, but when it comes to how a product will look and behave there is no replacement for a CGI virtual prototype.

Whether it is viewed on VR goggles or a standard screen, the viewer will receive a clear understanding of what the product is about without the functional inadequacies of a physical model.

Selling the vision...

The way we choose what to buy online has massively changed the way products are marketed and sold. With a consumer market that’s bigger than ever, so many people are just one click away from discovering your product.

Our CGI production artists have film and television experience, render farms and production facilities that can make your product launch look like a Hollywood blockbuster if necessary

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