Knowledge, skills, tools & creative muscle.

Experts are made from experience

From rebreathers on nuclear submarines to a new category of children's drinking cups, we provide solutions to a diverse range of industries. 20 years as 3fD has grown a team that it is valuable to the commercial success of any product.

New Product Innovation

The golden egg

We change the rules, reorganise the thought process, and then challenge the status quo. It's the game changing product that puts companies on the map. For anyone that's selling, it's what you want your next product to be. A product that by market demand will elevate the bottom line of your company.

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Human Factors

Designed for humans

Fundamental to all we do is a commitment to user centred product design. Create a compelling user experience and product success will be largely self-propelling. Make a connection with the user and you will affirm your brand.

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Concept Visualisation

Turning inspiration into aspiration

Design is more than just looking “cool”.... satisfaction is in the tactile click that serves your customer, the reassurance of a product that is put together well, and a price performance ratio that makes them feel good about their purchase.

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Brand Designs

Making it your own

Whether developing a new brand or introducing a new addition to an existing brand we harmonise great functional design, elegant form and consistent brand touchpoints. It is through doing so, that these products create strong homogeneous presence and positive brand awareness.

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Design is more than looking cool

The core of any good product is the quality of its engineering. Get it wrong and today's internet informed market will be all too aware. We invest heavily in the tools and the skills to achieve the standard of excellence that is our confidence in what we deliver.

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Compliance and Regulatory

Safe and sound

We design and manufacture to meet all regulatory standards and to comply with applicable laws around the world. For medical devices our ex notified body auditors will work with you from design requirements through to design transfer.

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Manufacturing and Logistics

Finishing what we started

The fastest most risk averse platform for new product development is where design and manufacturing are working as one. Design for manufacture is a chapter in the ‘how to design handbook’, for us manufacturing is how we get the job done without losing design intent and time.

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CGI / Animation

Virtually finished product

As more markets are engaged through the internet, video has become the medium of choice. We have Hollywood standard CGI artists that work with our engineers to master quality productions while the product is being developed. Even before the product is handled the 3fD digital team can provide informative and promotional video, animations, graphics and interactive media for all marketing and training aids.

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A quality standard

Our certification to ISO 13485 and our working relationship with Meddev Solutions Ltd for regulatory support, provides the right comprehensive platform for developing and manufacturing medical devices. We will ensure compliance without unnecessary delays.

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