Wanted - R&D Mechanical Engineer

11 feb 18

If Leonardo da Vinci was still alive he would have applied for this job.

We are looking for a strong engineer to help challenge the status quo and manipulate the rules to create the game changing products that put us on the map.

3fD Mechanical Engineer Advert from 3form Design on Vimeo.


We are a turnkey product development company; creating compelling products that are technically engineered and delivered with manufacturing agility.

Our success is a huge variety of projects and a big portfolio of clients. We are passionate about what we do and are looking for equally motivated individuals to join us.


We are based in Whitchurch, Hampshire in a contemporary custom conversion of an old Chapel. It is a creative environment designed to nurture the best of the best and reward them with state of the art facilities, social space, and even a gym.


We are not looking for an Einstein but science/mechanics is your strong point. (It's not mandatory, but a masters in mechanical engineering is a good measure)

Excel spreadsheets, Solidworks and literacy will be your tools.

General manufacturing and material knowledge for casting, moulding and fabrication need to be evident with a healthy curiosity for new technologies and processes.

An aptitude for mechanical assemblies and mechanisms will be expected.

You will have a basic understanding of Arduino or similar programming and be able to converse with electronic engineers.

Although very much supported by a broad skilled team you will need to be self motivated and have pride in achieving.

What will you do?

You will be key to the R&D of new products for clients.

You will put the ‘How’ into ‘What if’ using your mechanics and applied maths knowledge.

Where theory needs the support of data then you will develop test rigs and conduct trials.

When ideas become hard facts the mechanical principles will be captured in 3D Solidworks if required.

You will communicate and direct suppliers, be able to write reports, make the occasional wise crack and have a good taste in music.

How much?

We always start by asking you, what sort of a salary are you looking for? You tell us what you’re likely to cost and we’ll tell you if our pockets are deep enough.

What next?

If we like the cut of your jib, your CV and the things you show us, we will invite you in for a coffee and a chat. If that goes well we offer competitive salaries and benefits, based on your experience. The prospects are excellent as the company is growing and we are looking for key individuals for the future.

Please email your CV to ally@3formdesign.com