Wanted- Marketing Ninja

16 apr 18

Martin Luther King didn’t say ‘I have a mission statement.’ He said ….“I have a dream”.

We seek a visionary - a passionate marketeer - to further promote our design business. We are brilliant at what we do - are you?


We are a turnkey product development company; creating compelling products that are technically engineered and delivered with manufacturing agility.Our success is a huge variety of projects and a big portfolio of clients. We are passionate about what we do and are looking for equally motivated individuals to join us.


We are based in Whitchurch, Hampshire in a contemporary custom conversion of an old Chapel. It is a creative environment designed to nurture the best of the best and reward them with state of the art facilities, social space, and even a gym.


You are a marketing ninja. You are creative and you are a great story teller. You are clever and you shine bright. You have a significant breadth and depth of knowledge to draw on.

You are technically minded. You understand design (and may even have studied product design). It's not mandatory, but experience in product design/engineering is a good measure. 

You eat new technical information for breakfast - you understand what you are promoting. You love love love product design.

You specialise in strategy, you are brilliant at seeing the overall marketing picture and how all of those different activities fit into the plan for the business. 

You are wired to continually seek new ideas.

Although very much supported by a broad skilled team you will need to be self motivated and have pride in achieving.

What will you do?

You will create and implement our marketing strategy for 3form Design. 

All marketing, PR, campaigns, promotion, communications, social media and digital marketing will beat to the sound of your drum.

You will write articles, you will talk to influencers, you will communicate with the world and raise our profile. You will target our customers. You will create and drive the strategy, you will react to trends.

You will gather our elements, sprinkle them where our customers hang out, and use your knowledge and experience to attract new business.

You will showcase us.

How much?

We always start by asking you, what sort of a salary are you looking for? You tell us what you’re likely to cost and we’ll tell you if our pockets are deep enough.

What next?

If we like the cut of your jib, your CV and the things you show us, we will invite you in for a coffee and a chat. If that goes well we offer competitive salaries and benefits, based on your experience. The prospects are excellent as the company is growing and we are looking for key individuals for the future.

Applicants must have the right / permanent right to work in the UK.

Please email your CV to ally@3formdesign.com