Share your vision while the digital world thrives

05 may 20

Collectively we are facing extremely turbulent times, both in business and our personal lives. In many places the physical world has been brought to a standstill while we battle through the disruption that Covid-19 caused. However, we also live in a digital world. This world is virtually unscathed and is allowing our clients to carry on developing products and share them on a global scale.

While we are known most for developing products, we also produce the support material for launching them. Our in house digital content creators and computer generated imagery (CGI) capabilities mean that we can provide our clients with everything they need to capture the attention of investors and customers.

Take advantage of increased exposure

People are spending less time out in the real world and are therefore spending an enormous amount of time online consuming content. For those looking to advertise or share ideas, this offers a great deal of exposure. We develop products, but we also develop their launchpad material. Marketing videos, interactive web presentations and many forms of digital content are being used by our clients right now to kickstart their projects and help move businesses forward.

Captivate CGI Sales Video (Produced by 3fD) from 3form Design on Vimeo.

Social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram are reporting up to 50% increase in online messaging in areas hit worst by the virus. These areas are also reported to have an average of 70% more time being spent on social media by individuals. Sharing an idea, launching a product or gaining market traction is still possible, and with a greater audience than ever.

Engage with people virtually, you can't do so physically

At the moment any human interaction has to be done at a distance. Engaging with investors, consumers, suppliers and distributors is harder than ever. With digital presentations, powerful video and strong visuals your ideas, products and services can all be communicated with ease. Such technology allows people to visualise things the way you want them to.

Get market attention with shareable content

The digital world is noisy, especially right now with everyone talking about Covid-19. Getting noticed over all of that noise is difficult, but with dynamic and compelling content that speaks to your market’s needs you can stand above this. Making content that has an emotional impact on its viewers is a guaranteed way of getting more shares, and in turn more market attention.

Online video is consumed at an ever growing rate and is the ultimate tool for getting a message across. In an experiment held by Invisia, viewers could retain up to 95% of the information they received through video while only managing 10% through website text. Wordstream (a leading SEO and Adwords support company) also revealed that 59% of executives would rather watch video than read text when online.

Deliver lots of information quickly

Chances are that you have quite a bit to say. Whether launching a new product, seeking investment or sharing information about services offered, there is often much to say and little time in which to say it. When scrolling through social media feeds most users will give each item an average of less than a second before deciding whether or not to give it any further attention.

Internet usage has resulted in desperately short attention spans and a desire for everything to be instantaneous. Yes, people may be staying at home right now with an abundance of free time on their hands, but this changes very little about their internet behaviour. With powerful video or interactive content you can get your message across without losing the interest of your audience.

Reassure the world that you are still in business

Given the state of the current commercial landscape it is important to show people that your doors are still open for business. Covid-19 has damaged many businesses, both large and small, and for this reason you want the world to know that you are still in full swing. By delivering consumable video content you can ensure that the market stays informed and that you don’t lose touch with your customer base.

Find out how we can help you

Whether you are launching a new product or service, reassuring your customers that business is running smoothly or simply sharing a message during this difficult time, we have the tools to make your voice heard. With our ability to produce Hollywood standard CGI imagery, highly engaging animations and interactive digital presentations, you can deliver a compelling experience to your audience. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.