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R.A.I.D. The Ballistic Helmet by 3fD

27 March 2016

R.A.I.D. - ballistic Helmet - designed by 3form Design, for United Shield International: the successful collaboration between two Hampshire based companies for a global product.

The brief was to create "a cool, appealing, exciting design that soldiers will want to wear. The design should look forward to the future and put thecompany ahead of the curve". It should be so cool that Tom Cruise will be wearing it in his next movie!

3form Design are used to designing products that not only look great, but are are delight to use, and easy to manufacture. Inspired by the breadth of products that they have worked on, and by their expertise in aesthetics, engineering and manufacturing, 3fD were able to go beyond the brief.

RAID offers a cool, great looking product with new functionality, putting United Shield firmly ahead of the curve. 

RAID was showcased in Las Vegas at the Shot Show in January 2016, and went down a storm. Shot Show is the largest and most comprehensive trade show for all professionals in law enforcement, ballistics, firearms and ammunition.

3form Design is a creative agency that produces visually inspired products that are beautifully engineered.

United Shield International is a leading manufacturer in the world of personal ballistic protection equipment for Special Ops and Law Enforcement around the globe.

No small task considering the plethora of accessories these Special Ops guys need to carry on their head - including hefty batteries, Night Vision Goggles, strobe lights and of course, the compulsory sunglasses and cigar lighters.


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