Prototype Not Required

12 jun 19

Its early doors for your new product and you want to share the vision with a wider audience. A prototype would be amazing but is it the best way forward?

If you are at conceptual level then the engineering consideration may only be in sketch form. A physical prototype needs to be thought through and when the idea is still in its scope stage this is not appropriate.

That is why the go-to for galvanising an audience has always been high impact visuals presented as slides or boards. However, things are moving on, and a new medium is showing itself to be the best; premium quality CGI product videos. We are calling it “hollywood prototypes” because we have taken the technology and staff from the film & television industry into our design studio.

The advantage is, that we continue using the creative time to explore the idea visually and not wasting valuable engineering time too early in the development cycle. CGI doesn't mind if the 3D model is not engineered; artists hands sculpture the parts and everything is held together with CGI glue. The output is video, with engaging choreography and sound tracks that enhance the senses and can be shared on mass. It is also possible to make the output an interactive experience.

If you are still thinking a prototype offers something more tangible then remember that even a model is a fake. Rapid prototypes use simulated materials and machined items cannot replicate the qualities of moulded parts. In reality many models come with an apology to the audience that they need to be handled with care and a caveat that the real thing will behave much better!

Later in the development process, when the idea has matured to warrant engineering time, it would be right to question what sought of prototype is relevant. However, we can test designs with computer simulations for a variety of real world conditions so a mocked up model is not always necessary. Video once again comes into its own even after the engineering is complete; sometimes for product training, but often for selling.

More and more of our clients are using our product videos to penetrate their market. Online communication is more important than ever and research shows that people engage best with visually stimulating experiences. According to a survey carried out by HubSpot, 90% of participants claimed that product videos influenced their decision to buy.

Right now video is in high demand on every social media platform. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have all openly admitted to giving preference to video content over any other. Since the first YouTube video was uploaded in April 2005 over 1.3 billion people have joined and actively participate in the community. Something worth being a part of.

Hollywood prototypes lets others see the vision, and selling that vision is the difference between high demand and tumble weed.

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