Our People: Meet David Bennion

07 mar 19

Design creativity and engineering excellence are two reasons our team can turn an idea into a game-changing product for our clients. The real secret to our success is our people. Yes, we’ve perfected many processes over the years and have an enviable track record of success in a multitude of industries, but without our people, there would be no spark. For our customers, knowing they can turn to 3form Design and we’ll find the solution is reassuring and empowering.

From our new studio in a converted chapel in Whitchurch, we’ve interviewed our new Marketing & Business Development Consultant David Bennion. Take a look behind the scenes…

David Bennion

Having joined 3fD in 2018, David (mostly just Dave unless he’s in trouble with his wife) brings with him a wealth of experience. Having been a Director at Ogle Models and Prototypes for a few (many, numerous) decades, Dave is the perfect person to bring a new perspective to our work at 3fD. He is inspired to get the message across that 3fD can take a project from concept and engineering design right through digital prototyping and into the manufactured product.

What’s your role at 3fD and why are you passionate about it?

I’ve been brought on board to help drive the team’s activities and to provide a fresh perspective on marketing and comms. The industry needs firms like 3fD to continually innovate and shake things up. They’re one of those very rare firms that have been doing some groundbreaking, pioneering and just extremely impressive things for years without really telling anyone about any of it. I’m here to shout it from the rooftops!

What’s been your best/proudest moment to date?

Working with such a creative and skilled team is motivation in itself, but my favourite moment to date was being invited to the 3fD Christmas party. Naturally, we all abstained from hard liquor, held serious work-related conversations and were in our hotel rooms by 10pm.

Should we be looking out for any changes in the industry?

As providers of a complete turnkey solution from R&D Engineering, through to the increased use of CGI in virtual prototyping and onto the production and delivery of the final product there are loads of exciting changes to come. We know that some of those changes will challenge the industry in a way it’s never seen before, but the beauty of design, prototyping and manufacturing is its ability to reinvent itself when required.

Please tell us something we don’t know.

I’ve always dreamt of living by the sea. Having spent time in Southport as a child and then Cornwall at boat building college followed by a stint in Devon, I’ve always been close but never quite close enough. Now I’m in Dorset and right on the river and by the sea – it’s perfect! I even bought a boat. Working at 3fD has given me a fresh perspective on product development. To be truly innovative, design and manufacturing rules have to be challenged, even when traditional methods seem the most comfortable at the time.

And finally, if you weren’t at 3fD, what would you be doing?

Most of my colleagues know the love I have for the south coast and all things maritime. So, if I wasn’t at 3fD, I’d be out on my boat looking for the next adventure.