Our People: Meet Dan Phillips

01 apr 19

Design creativity and engineering excellence are two reasons our team can turn an idea into a game-changing product for our clients. The real secret to our success is our people. Yes, we’ve perfected many processes over the years and have an enviable track record of success in a multitude of industries, but without our people, there would be no spark. For our customers, knowing they can turn to 3form Design and we’ll find the solution is reassuring and empowering.

We’ve interviewed Dan Phillips, Product Designer here at 3fD, to learn more about his role and the fundamental principles around developing a new product. 

Dan Phillips

After attending the University of Central Lancashire and completing an MA in Product Design, Dan joined 3fD in November 2015.

What’s made you choose 3fD?

At 3fD, we don’t just produce pretty pictures. That was important to me, the fact that manufacturing is considered from the outset of a project. This isn’t just because we often go on to manufacture the product for our clients, it’s also something I really believe in and is rare in the industry. 3fD give clients ideas that are visually engaging, engineered to perform and designed to be realised.

Describe for us a typical day at 3fD.

Firstly, there’s no such thing. My role at 3fD revolves heavily around the development of new products, particularly focusing on the front end and early stages of development. This isn’t limited to the look and feel of a product; I also get stuck into developing the fundamental principles that help a product achieve what it needs to do.

In addition to the design side of the business, I work closely with our operations team discussing projects with new clients and running them through from concept to manufacture. 

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

The dog! Joking aside, it’s the projects we work on. I don’t believe that design is the kind of industry where you can clock in and clock out at the end of the day; our minds are always working, thinking and learning!

Things are always changing, both at 3fD and in the industry in general. For instance, medical device regulations are about to change and in anticipation of this, we have been working with MEDDEV solutions to achieve our EN 13485 certification. This will allow us to assist our clients more effectively in the development of medical products.

It’s such an exciting industry to be a part of and this is what keeps us driven!

Talking about the industry, have you noticed any changes?

It’s always changing. As technology advances so does design, and the way we do it. Take prototyping as an example: often people will ask us when they’ll get a prototype in the development stages of a product. We have to ask, why? What is it you’re trying to demonstrate?

We are leading the move to ‘Hollywood prototypes’, doing away with the need to make apologies for the delicate nature of physical prototypes. It allows us to communicate the intended purpose of the design in an exciting and visually engaging way. This CGI work can even be used before the physical product exists to create hype and funding to develop the product further.

Finally, what's been your proudest moment to date?

The diversity here at 3fD is amazing. We’re always exposed to different industries and have had the joy of developing products for high-end consumer electronics to rough and ready agricultural equipment. It’s difficult to get bored.

As a team, there are so many moments to be proud of, but one of the most recent is our client Sam Brook whose design has been awarded Best Drinks Concept at The World Food Innovation Awards.