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New specialist wood-chipper combines innovative engineering with striking branding and aesthetics

31 March 2018

The Först XR8 Traxion has been specially designed for use on uneven terrain and excels in both performance and aesthetics.

 Product design company 3fD (3form Design) are pleased to release details of their latest product: XR8 Traxion, a high performance woodchipper for Först that’s been specially designed to navigate sloped, rugged surfaces where other heavy machinery struggles. The 3fD team integrated hydraulic legs into the design to allow it to operate in challenging terrain, such as man-made railway embankments, and carefully designed it to deliver remarkable quality, strength and reliability without compromising on aesthetics or brand. 

The XR8 Traxion demonstrates 3fD’s highly sought-after approach in combining leading product design, engineering and manufacturing expertise all in-house, as Ally Le Sueur explains, “As with all our work, when designing the XR8 Traxion we kept production and manufacturing in mind right from the beginning of the process. In order to deliver the very best results that excel both in terms of functionality and aesthetics, and achieve these as quickly and efficiently as possible, the design process was purely digital. From first concepts to final artwork we design in CAD and with computer simulation so we develop concepts that we know can be manufactured and will work.”

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