Nell Walker, Manufacturing Global, talks to 3fD about the innovative water saving device: floSTEM

01 aug 17

"Many water saving devices limit usage by measuring time rather than volume, so people are left with no real understanding of how much water they’re actually using. The ones that do measure volume are often expensive devices with integrated electronics and apps. FloSTEM is a much cheaper device that allows everyday consumers to measure and control their domestic water by using the power of product design and engineering rather than electronics.”

FloSTEM doesn’t need to be monitored, meaning one can attach it to the shower head or tap without having to think about it. Users can then keep on top of their water usage in ‘packets’ of 45 litres; at this point the FloSTEM shuts off the water until the user presses a button to allow the next packet of water to flow. While 45 litres may seem low – with the average 8-minute showing using 65 litres – 3fD chose this volume to highlight peoples’ water consumption.

Le Sueur continued: “It was really important to us that the device didn’t feel punishing or negative. Instead we wanted to inform and empower consumers by giving them a simple and clear insight into the water usage and giving them the choice of whether to use more or adapt their habits in order to conserve."

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