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iZettle Vs PayPal by 3fD

26 August 2015

Accordingto "there’s a tough battle underway in the world of card payments handsets. PayPal is promoting the PayPal Here service and people like it a lot.

But although the Paypal Here handset is attractive and beautifully designed, it doesn’t seem that they’re winning the day. That said, it seems that the upcoming new PayPal Here handset will also include contactless. That will likely be a real draw to those who use it at craft fairs, events, car boots and the like.

But I’ve never seen the PayPal Here handset in action when I’ve been out and about.

In the past few weeks though, I’ve seen the iZettle handset in use in the wild on several occasions. Firstly, I saw it at the Udderbelly festival on the South Bank in London when buying a few drinks last week. It’s a pop-up venue for shows and socialising and the man behind the bar could only praise the iZettle device.

iZettle handsets were also in action at the Love Supreme festival and a Brighton Craft fair I visited last weekend.

I wonder if the issue is cost. A PayPal Here handset is £49 but the iZettle unit is absolutely free."

Are you using a payments card reader when you’re selling and out and about? If so, what’s your preference?

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