Cryofree Optical Spectroscopy Cryostats

14 jan 16

When everything else on an optics table is matt black it is not hard to stand out. The hard part was making sure the functions were enhanced and not impeded by the styling.

The Optistat Dry BL4, first launched in July 2015 and recently relaunched, is the first product in an exciting range of small Cryofree Optical Spectroscopy cryostats from Oxford Instruments. It is designed to be

  • Versatile
  • Upgradeable
  • Optically excellent
  • Simple to use

The OptistatDry suits a wide range of experiments and different Spectroscopy techniques (Raman, FTIR, Fluorescence, Photoluminescence etc.).

It is designed to make interfacing to commercial spectrometers and optical benches simple and quick. This enables users to set up quickly and easily, reducing the time to get experimental results. A good example of this attention to detail on the Optistat Dry BL4 product, is both imperial (1 inch spacing) and metric (25mm spacing) fixings so it will interface with every type of optical bench. The optional support stand (DRYSTDV). It is ideal if you are planning to use the system on an optical bench. It comes complete with feet that are designed to match.

These new systems are designed with a modular philosophy that allows the cryostat to evolve with the customer’s experiment. It is possible to start with a basic system and as experimental needs change upgrade to additional functionality at a later date. For example, add extra wiring, different sample holder and windows. Our road-map shows the Optistat Dry BL4 as the first product in a modular family of products that will have complete flexibility on upgrading.

The Optistat Dry windows are identical in every respect to those offered on the current wet Optistat products. This means that f1 and large clear optical access come as standard. Also the windows can be changed in the laboratory by the user to suit any changes in experimental needs. This is less of a concern for the bottom loader systems, but is a real issue for top loaders.

Our design enables customers to change all windows, including cold windows, in the field. The Optistat Dry BL4 only has one window per optical access, a window in the OVC only. This helps to minimize the losses making the system particularly suitable for customers who need the minimum absorption losses. A wide range of different window materials are available to suit different wavelengths. Wedged windows, anti-reflection coatings are also available.

Check our portfolio and watch our YouTube channel to find out more.

No liquid cryogens are required. Air or water cooled compressors are available. Single phase electrical power means the system is easy to install in all standard laboratory environments. There is a fully automated version on the road map (not yet available) that will enable one button automated pump out and cool down. It will also have one button warm up and venting. This means when future models become available, the customer will be able to upgrade from one to another. For instance a customer with a bottom loading cryostat will be able to upgrade to a top loading cryostat if their experimental needs change and when the top loader becomes available.