13 jul 20

Stonehenge... 3fD Rocks! 😂

I wouldn't say that the type of products we get involved with are by any means predictable, but when a call from Stonehenge came in, our creative minds boggled.

We were celebrating the successful saving of an endangered rhino using the surgical equipment we had designed, when English Heritage made contact; the £27 million visitor center had a problem....

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16 aug 19

Our Greatest Manufacturing Challenge Yet?

The extensive brief was to provide a floodlight system, comprehensive enough to control and master the light in outdoor stadiums, lightweight and robust enough to be mounted on a 15m high mast, with the environmental impact taken into account.

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03 apr 19

World Food Winner

“Best Drink Concept Award” at World Food Innovation Awards 2019 has been won by CAPtivate; a neat little device that fits onto a regular water bottle and adds flavour as you drink.

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13 apr 18

3fD: A year of cutting edge design, innovation, and creating a new studio.

2017 has been a very busy and exciting year for 3fD. We’ve created some of our most ambitious products to date, as well as designed and built a brand-new studio to call home.

It all started when we were asked to design the world’s most energy efficient vaping device...

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31 mar 18

New Specialist Wood Chipper: Combining innovative engineering with striking aesthetics

XR8 Traxion, a high performance woodchipper for Först that’s been specially designed to navigate sloped, rugged surfaces where other heavy machinery struggles.

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17 nov 16

R.A.I.D: The Ballistic Helmet by 3fD

The brief was a design so cool, Tom Cruise will be wearing it in his next movie.

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