13 jul 20

Stonehenge... 3fD Rocks! 😂

I wouldn't say that the type of products we get involved with are by any means predictable, but when a call from Stonehenge came in, our creative minds boggled.

We were celebrating the successful saving of an endangered rhino using the surgical equipment we had designed, when English Heritage made contact; the £27 million visitor center had a problem....

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03 apr 19

World Food Winner

“Best Drink Concept Award” at World Food Innovation Awards 2019 has been won by CAPtivate; a neat little device that fits onto a regular water bottle and adds flavour as you drink.

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09 apr 18

XR8 Featured In Farmers Weekly

The XR8 is continuing to make headlines. 

Edd Mowbray, Farmers weekly, explored it's engine power, weight and mechanism to give its readers a unique view on just how truly beautful this piece of machinery is. 

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02 apr 18

Digital vs. Physical: Why designing in digital beats traditional methods every time

The wonderful thing about the digital environment for exploring thought and sketching ideas is that you do so in 3D. This allows your brain to visualise the real amount of space that is available, the true proportions that implementing a notion may put on the final form. Manipulating geometry in 3D space presents hard to see opportunities very early; before everyone has committed to the first reasonable idea.

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18 mar 18

What will the workspaces of 2025 look like?

“With people working harder and longer hours, the boundaries between work and social life are becoming increasingly blurred. As a result, workers are choosing working environments that support their pursuit for physical and mental wellbeing, as well as offsetting the demands of their always-on lifestyles”.

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01 aug 17

Nell Walker, Manufacturing Global, talks to 3fD about the innovative water saving device: floSTEM

“It was really important to us that the device didn’t feel punishing or negative. Instead we wanted to inform and empower consumers by giving them a simple and clear insight into the water usage and giving them the choice of whether to use more or adapt their habits in order to conserve."

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