24 oct 18

Six Steps To CE Mark Your Medical Product

From the laptop you use at work to the pint glass down the pub, most of the products we surround ourselves with are marked with a “CE”. Look at your mobile phone; the casing, battery, and charger should all be CE marked. What does this marking mean and how can those with a new product secure one?

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10 oct 18

Brexit, EU Regulation, and UK Innovation

For those looking to bring a medical device to market in the EU, relying on past experience and strategy will no longer make the cut. With the added uncertainty of Brexit and new EU regulations in the form of the MDR/IVDR, everything is about to get much more complicated.

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28 feb 18

Is Design Education Failing Our Students?

How big is the gulf between education and Industry – and are millennial graduates equipped with the know-how to enter the working world?

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05 may 17

3fD Boosting Your Buiness With a Turnkey Design Proposition

It is unacceptable to design without a commercial objective. We don't design to see how clever we are. We design products that the world needs, that are affordable - that make money. Too many times I have seen companies not engage in new product development because of cost, rather than predicted revenue.

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