12 jan 21

Webinar: How to Successfully Navigate the Regulatory Challenges Facing the Medical Device Industry Selling into the UK Post-Brext

Ortho Consulting Group is hosting a webinar discussing how to successfully navigate the medical device industry's regulatory challenges for medical device companies looking to sell their product into UK markets.

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13 jul 20

Stonehenge... 3fD Rocks! 😂

I wouldn't say that the type of products we get involved with are by any means predictable, but when a call from Stonehenge came in, our creative minds boggled.

We were celebrating the successful saving of an endangered rhino using the surgical equipment we had designed, when English Heritage made contact; the £27 million visitor center had a problem....

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28 may 20

Thames Valley Grants Scheme for Innovative Companies

£11.3 million has been committed to the funding initiatives managed by The FSE Group for businesses within Berkshire. These initiatives include loans and equity investments that aim to help the growth of ambitious SMEs. Could your business benefit from this?

In order to support the growth of SMEs within the Berkshire area, grants and loans are being made available to businesses looking to expand their services, develop new products and create job opportunities. We are helping businesses realise these opportunities and access funding to support their product design and development with us.

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05 may 20

Share your vision while the digital world thrives

Collectively we are facing extremely turbulent times, both in business and our personal lives. In many places the physical world has been brought to a standstill while we battle through the disruption that Covid-19 caused. However, we also live in a digital world. This world is virtually unscathed and is allowing our clients to carry on developing products and share them on a global scale.

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28 apr 20

UK Coronavirus Innovation Response Package

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic the UK government is committing a sizable budget to support businesses tackling the issues brought about by the virus. Innovative SMEs could benefit greatly from the financial support on offer. At 3fD we are encouraging businesses to utilise this opportunity to work with us and develop products that help grow their business and assist in the battle against Covid-19.

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09 apr 20

COVID-19 A Call for Innovators

Innovate UK, a government subsidiary that makes grants or money available for the development of new products, has launched a competition in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In aid of the global effort to tackle the Covid-19 outbreak, Innovate UK are hosting a competition with £20million to be given away to UK businesses that support the current needs of our society. For businesses looking to launch products that fall into this category there is opportunity to receive 100% project funding up to the value of £50,000.

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