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Be Your Own Boss

30 September 2012

3form Design works with an entrepreneur to see if he can win part of the £1 million prize.

Be Your Own Boss is a brand new BBC Three series fronted by one of the co-founders of Innocent Smoothies, Richard Reed.

It took the faith and investment of one man to turn Richard and his friends’ idea into a multi-million-pound empire.  Now he wants to do the same for a new wave of young entrepreneurs, bringing passion, high stakes and opportunity to the cream of young British business talent; and he’s got up to £1 million to invest in the right ideas.

The search is on for groups of friends with killer ideas, hungry for a shot at life-changing investment.

It kicks off with an attention-grabbing test of entrepreneurial skill when Richard hands the 500 best applicants some cash to see just how easily they can turn a profit. Disregarding traditional elimination formats, Richard will draw on his own business philosophy to help determine who should have a chance at the kind of big money that turns business dreams into reality.

In this innovative new series, Reed’s out to discover the lifeblood of Britain’s financial future and for those who prove their worth, the experience could prove to be a game-changer.

Over 6 weeks, Richard gives £100 each to 500 businesses. From there, he chooses his top 3 each week, and they each pitch to win part of the £1 million investment from Richard himself. 


In episode 4, Ash Reza with Myyfeed was one of the three chosen to pitch. Ash was awarded some seed capital to use to prove he was a sound investment.

Ash is a lone entrepreneur with no experience, and Richard Reed's concern was the huge amount to do to get this concept designed, developed and manufactured.  Ash chose to engage 3form Design to progress his idea (even though he comes from Loughborough) because of their unique design and manufacture capability. He wanted the solution to Richard’s worry.

Ash said:

Meeting with 3form Design, I feel good now I’ve got some partners that can help me get it to market

3form Design produced the final design and story boards to present to Richard Reed, showing that Ash had a partner to develop and manufacture the product,and therefore a route to market. He has a team, so he was no longer high risk individual.


This time, Richard Branson also joined in to judge the entrepreneurs.

Myfeed was the only winner this episode, winning a wopping £65,000!

Myyfeed won £65K investment to get the product developed.


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