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13 March 2013

TomTom receives Frost & Sullivan Award for EcoPlus, designed by 3fD

The Wall Street Journal

TomTom Receives Frost & Sullivan’s Customer Value Enhancement Award for Commercial Vehicle Telematics. TomTom ecoPLUS™ Product Allows Commercial Fleets to Maximize Fuel Efficiency. 

The award recognizes the impact of TomTom’s ecoPLUS, fuel measurement module, and WORKsmart fleet management offerings, which provide commercial fleets with an innovative and easy way to reduce fuel consumption.

TomTom's ecoPLUS™ has won many awards, including Winner of the Greenfleet Award in 2011.

Working with Lysanda, who provided the internal components and technology, 3fD designed and developed the ecoPLUS™. As part of their turnkey solution, 3fD also manufacture this unit in their facility in China.

TomTom’s solution encourages more efficient driving. The ecoPLUS device enables real-time feedback to the driver on fuel consumption, allowing for immediate changes in driving behavior to improve efficiency. Business owners can use online OptiDrive reports to help lower their fleets’ ecological footprint.

TomTom Business Solutions provides fleet management solutions to more than 19,000 customers worldwide.

Through its dedication to enhancing customer value, TomTom has been instrumental in developing an innovative new product that addresses the crucial demands of fleets, while helping to meet the increasingly stringent demands of emission regulations, operational efficiency, and fuel consumption,

- Wallace Lau, research analyst, Frost & Sullivan.

TomTom’s cutting-edge ecoPLUS add-on and WORKsmart platform have generated significant industry interest that is fostering the proliferation of commercial vehicle telematics.

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