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3form Design featured in the Sunday Telegraph

2 March 2014

The Debate: What leads successful innovation

Austen Miller
Senior Partner, 3form Design

Successful product innovation needs more than an inspiration – it’s a process. Taking too long is a big killer, as is blowing the budget before you get to the finishing line.

An obvious enough statement but when you break down the whole process into milestones, it can all look obvious. However, those that embark on the process learn that the “obvious” later gets shored up with hindsight.

Most people would agree: if your company needed to run a race and Mo Farah was available, you wouldn’t risk losing by running it yourself.

Running the race on a regular basis are companies such as 3form Design. They offer a turnkey solution to get ideas into a finished box. Specialising means those involved are fitter from the daily creative workout. Knowledge anticipates needs, experience avoids the pitfalls, problems are owned and solutions are found. The companies (big and small) that adopt the 3fD alliance are successful. They are able to focus on business planning, marketing strategies and, most importantly, selling. 

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