Turnkey Design and Manufacture

To be truly agile, manufacturing needed to be included in the design process. It is not enough to simply solve a problem, but to offer a solution with the target cost in mind. By establishing our own manufacturing capability, we have the capability to evaluate concepts early in the process.

From a design perspective, the coal face learning from manufacturing generates the confidence to innovate. Stepping out from behind design guidelines is liberating for innovation. And pushing the limits of what can be done requires design and manufacturing to operate as one. The most awesome idea for a product is useless if no one is willing to make it.

We have experience working with many materials, from performance ceramics and engineered plastics, to die cast alloys and precision machined metals. We will also assemble large industrial items or small electronic consumer goods. We are comfortable using traditional manufacturing techniques, and where these fall short, we will create new ones.

Today, we manufacture for many clients, large and small, from low to very high volumes.

Our Expertise