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We innovate products that can be delivered

Our knowledge of design, engineering and manufacturing means we’re not constrained by preconceptions and we never design to a set of rules. Instead, we believe anything is possible. Any product, any process, any material. A new aesthetic, a new device, a new mechanism. From ideation through to manufacturing, we work with companies on all phases of a project, innovating at every turn.

Our Process

We understand the business values that motivate our customers, and can apply our design process with precision. 3fD has many clients that have felt more dynamic having us as an extension to their own resources.

We are sought by our clients to give vision to their aspirations, combine our knowledge with theirs, and facilitate the calm execution of developing a product. It is the client that gives reason to the work, so it is essential that we keep the client close to the process.

To do this, we divide the design process into a series of stages that allow progress to be monitored, and budgets managed.

Each stage is clearly defined in terms of the objectives, the deliverables, and the cost. At any stage in a project you will know what you are paying for, and when you will get it. No work is carried out without client approval.

We offer our experience and guidance in the design process to avoid problems, and provide knowledge for informed choice. The structure of these stages is both logical and learned, but can be adapted to fit in with client project plans, and tailored to individual needs.

Our stage gate structure is recorded by bespoke software to provide a fully accountable system according to ISO 9000 and BS EN 13485 guidelines.

Our creativity is your competitive advantage

The natural creativity of the individuals in the 3fD product design team is continually enriched by the sheer variety of challenges and projects that come through the door. Our studio is a melting pot for ideas, drawn from a diverse range of industries and clients - from large corporations to talented entrepreneurs who come to us with novel ideas to develop.


The demands on our creativity are not simply for our visual sensitivity, but for our knowledge of trends, human behaviour, engineering and science. We are responsible for illustrating beauty as well as devising clever mechanisms, and we excel at both. We are at our best when we’re presented with a seemingly impossible design challenge to solve and we use the diverse talents, passions and expertise of our team to come up with a brilliant solution that nobody else has thought of.


Behind every great product, are great humans.
Chapel Studio
Our new studio. A renovated chapel, and a dedicated environment for design. Our clients benefit too. Associate your company with creative forward thinking specialists. With prototyping and engineering areas that allow the clients to experiment. State of the art design studios, meeting spaces, and a private office to do their own business when in the area. You can even challenge the team to table tennis or table football.
Austen Miller - Senior Partner
Great design is more than looking cool; product development is a financial commitment. A successful product is measured by revenue. A badly managed development measured by expense. We offer our experience to mitigate risk, and our broad know-how to make informed choices. We will join you to achieve your objectives, and enjoy the success of a well executed project without stress. There are many different requirements asked of us. Feel free to make contact, and let your curiosity make a discovery.
Austen formed I K O N Y X, a manufacturing business operating extensively in the far east, to make sure great ideas became great products. Working seamlessly with 3fD, we offer a turnkey design and build service. Big brands, top companies, and busy people use this service because it gets the job done; without fuss, on time, and to budget. For the first time quality design is non-linear and problems are 100% owned. Ask for details.

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