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From ideation through to manufacturing, we inspire our clients to imagine something better. We are not constrained by preconceptions or a set of rules. We believe anything is possible. Any product, any process, any material. A new aesthetic, a new device, a new mechanism.

Our Core

A creative spirit to

We not only imagine the “what if” but we also explore the "how will it be done”. We are creatives not just in an aesthetic sense but as engineers, manufacturers, and in how we apply science. We get our kicks from making things happen and want our clients to prosper from the experience.

A vibrant space for talented creatives

Our studio was a derelict chapel, revived into a building worthy of the team that sit in it. The dedicated design studio was an in-house project driven by the passion and vision of 3fD’s founder, Austen Miller.

Our History

Meant to be.

3fD was founded in 2000 by Austen Miller, a mechanical and production engineer with an artistic gene. 3fD is a creative agency that produces visually inspired designs with a focus on their manufacturability. The message that flamboyant design could keep its feet on the ground and still be commercially viable hit a nerve and the 3fD portfolio attracted significant brands and some very diverse projects.

More than 20 years on, many of those early clients still work with us. We pride ourselves on client care and standing together to look at possibilities for the future.

Our Process

Confident, reliable and efficient

We offer a design process that allows progress to be monitored and budgets managed. The structure is both logical and learned, and can be tailored to individual needs. Our experience anticipates problems and provides the knowledge to make informed choice.

The stage gate structure is recorded by bespoke software to provide a fully accountable system according to ISO 9000 and BS EN 13485 guidelines.

Our Manufacturing

At the coalface

Our reputation is for game changing products but the card up our sleeve is our commitment to manufacturing.

To be truly agile, manufacturing needed to be included in the design process. It is not enough to simply solve a problem, but to offer a solution with the target cost in mind. By establishing our own manufacturing capability in the Far East, we have the capability to evaluate concepts early in the process.

Pushing the limits of what can be done requires design and manufacturing to operate as one. The most liberating idea for a product is useless if no one is willing to make it.

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Our Expertise