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It is an artistic sensitivity for form and brand, the application of knowledge in engineering and science, and our collective lateral thinking and empathy, that gives viability to the big statement ”what if?”

One of the most liberating moments for a design, is seeing how it might look. It has a way of galvanising people into action, and allowing everyone to be sharing the same vision.

Spatial and physical constraints must be observed during idea formation, if concepts are to be viable. We are big consumers of white board pens, but we explore ideas very early on using all the latest 3D tools.

Quantifying the problem. It is very easy to miss an opportunity because you don’t understand the maths. Our engineers, and the tools they have access to, allow ideas to be investigated with a very real understanding of the physical forces they are inciting. Energy conservation and dynamic loads are typical areas that challenge the blue sky thinker.

Design can be more than working to create discrete solutions. Applying our principles of design to the “big picture”, we help companies visualise new opportunities for the future. This early strategic design helps deliver more complete and resilient solutions.

The question “what if”, is an excitable early stage in the new product cycle. Discovering ‘the how’ can sometimes require testing our theories and measuring the results. It is these early jury rigs that can often provide the leap of faith that defines the next big market disruption.