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We design in the full knowledge that our product designs will get manufactured. So much so, that for many of our clients we manufacture the products we design; providing a turnkey design and build solution.

We believe that great design and manufacturing are inseparable. It is one thing to design to a set of rules, it is another to challenge the process to obtain results. This is how innovation is done.

We design products for manufacture. Products that are as good in reality as they are in concept. We are happy to support a client getting the product made elsewhere, but we are increasingly demonstrating the value of our in-house manufacturing solution.

The great thing about turnkey solutions, is that problems are always owned. No issues arise between design intent and what the manufacturer would prefer to do. Design being responsible for manufacture ensures the implementation. The expertise remains a constant. Durable solutions are delivered. Faster, and at an appropriate cost.

3fD has a strategic and commercial alliance with supply chains in China through its sister company IKONYX Ltd. The factory provides our industrial vantage point; from offices in Dongguan our engineers and logistics staff meticulously coordinate supply chains throughout the Far East.