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Once the big idea has a specification, the job of making it happen, needs doing.

Our project management is first class, and makes things happen. Our proven methodology, achieves new product development, with less risk, avoids projects running away, and keeps the client in control. There is never a time when a client has to feel they are jumping into the unknown.

We champion a design process that embraces and enhances the digital tools available today. Working in the 3D environment from the beginning, we focus on maintaining synergy between the aesthetic, computational, and manufacturing know-how, for a faster, safer passage.

For all the digital control, it is vital that we maintain a sense of context with the real world. Our designers constantly verify designs with the best FDM 3D printing equipment. Confidence comes from certainty, and being sure of oneself is vital for rapid progress.

Not leaving things to chance is the single most important criterion in managing risk. Knowing when to simulate, and when to roll your sleeves up depends on the job and the question being asked. If there is any doubt we have the tools to verify.

It is the satisfaction of getting it right, that makes us committed to an idea to the end. It is tolerances, datums, and specifications, that ensure the finished product is fit for the job and repeatable.

Prototypes for marketing reasons are rapidly being replaced with CGI. We have Hollywood capable CGI artists for getting market traction. Even before the product is handled. 3fD Digital provides informative and promotional video for all marketing and training applications.