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Promotional product design banner

The success of this iconic design

is in the detail.....

Promotional product design banner

Computer analysis aided the optimisation of the parts and allowed the design to evolve faster.

Promotional product design banner

Designed, manufactured, and boxed to over 60 countries

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A hugely successful product, the Wean Machine has achieved an iconic presence with its functional yet tactile design. Reaching over 100,000 units in its first year, the product exports to over 60 countries.

A newly emerging company approached 3fD to help provide a product for the baby feeding market. We not only provided a patentable device but also ensured the product did not lose the design intent through poor manufacturing advice. 


 "The manufacturer has clearly taken a lot of time over the design, with the aim of producing a simple clean product that works well and feels good in your hands." independent review


If it wasn’t for the manufacturing input of the 3fD design team, the product as it is now would have been easily dismissed as a concept.  Uneven wall thicknesses and challenging undercuts were only allowed because the moulding tool was sketched out before the concept was considered feasible. As the manufacturer, we created special ejector forms and custom injection nozzles so that the product in all its simplicity was not spoilt by the usual manufacturing 'finger prints'. 

The Wean Machine uses Steritouch antimicrobial additive to reduce the growth of harmful  bacteria, mould and fungi.

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