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Form follows function; so it is always said. But, on a product such as a perfume bottle, where form is so important, this particular brief put the emphasis on both.

Each of the ideas are artistically engineered. Each displaying a different construction method, and each fulfilling the functional need in a unique way.

The product is a jacket to protect the glass vial; containing a bespoke fragrance from this London boutique. The vials must be easily removed to allow the user to select an alternative fragrance, and be suitable for transporting in a handbag, with no risk of leakage. 

In Pictures


A beautiful form from single billet giving a bespoke feel to a bespoke product. A hole in the bottom allows the user to eject the vial.


Stainless steel braid adds protection, and an interesting material texture. The deformable braid allows easy access to the vial for removal.


Machined plastic and folded metal give contemporary feel to a low volume product.

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