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In-house prototypes and simulation testing by 3fD

22 October 2013

In-house prototypes and simulation testing

When the cost of creating prototypes gets too expensive the rest of the development suffers. 

Design verification is an important part of getting things right. We prefer to do this as cost effectively as possible so that it remains a development tool and does not become a precious commodity that is done only when the design is finished. 

To this end we are equipped with a large platform FDM machine for plastic parts. We operate this for our product design clients at about 20% of prototype bureau costs. 

We also put a lot of store in computer simulations, which allows us to perform a variety of tests that even the best prototypes can't achieve. We can perform hundreds of drop tests, investigate thermal transfer, determine failures from life testing, and optimise mechanisms, without a single prototype being made. 

Of course, where there is a need for "glossy" prototypes we can supply these too!

With so many types of prototype technologies around, there is always advantage in selecting the most appropriate for the task in hand. The diversity available and the investments required, make it difficult for any single supplier to be a master of them all. To offer a comprehensive service, we combine the strengths from a variety of services both in the UK and abroad.


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