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3fD in the Press

Financial Times

20 October 2011

3form Design was featured in the Financial Times

3form Design was featured in the Financial Times: Design Space, written by Clare Dowdy.

This article can be viewed here on the website (free subscription required)

In this article, Clare Dowdy discusses the Wean Machine, designed, developed, tested, manufactured, and delivered by 3form Design to 64 countries, on behalf of Jackson Beazeley Ltd.

3form Design (3fD) not only provided an appropriate and delightful product solution but also provided a turnkey solution to manufacture and deliver the finished item fully tested and packaged.

By letting design be the whole process, innovation and creativity persist through all the hurdles that face every idea as it strives to be a commercial product. The 3fD process ensures innovation doesn’t just take place on the blank piece of paper at the beginning, but continues throughout.

3fD find innovation in tool design, jig design, flow analysis, all of which are commanded to ensure the design.intent is exactly as intended.

There are aspects of this design that would not have been there without this overall commanding knowledge. It is the attention to these details that is earning the iconic values of those that review it; people can’t help touching and playing with it.

Available in ASDA and most baby stores.

Click here to download press release pdf

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