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Design for Medical or Scientific Products

24 December 2015

Design for Medical or Scientific Products

cryo.jpgWe understand that the specific requirements of scientific and medical products are challenging to many designers. These products demand a depth and breath of intelligence, knowledge and experience.

Medical and scientific product design

  • often requires solutions to complex engineering questions
  • deals with issues with quality and risk issues not necessarily found in consumer products
  • works within industries covered by rigorous mandatory conformity requirements
  • exists amongst a plethora of existing patents

In addition, the human factors design associated with medical and scientific products needs to address a potentially high level of risk.

Rigorous Process

We understand better than most that great ideas are only the start, and that scientific and medical device design demands an efficient, rigorous process to bring a successful product to market.

Successful medical device development demands this process and keen attention to detail, but commercial realities mean that this effort must always be appropriately directed.

Our stage-gate development process, from creative design, through engineering, to manufacture and delivery, enables fast, reliable innovation. Whilst applicable to all design projects, our process is particularly relavant to the requirements of medical device design.

3fD combine excellence in design, engineering, and where required manufacturing too. By choosing to work with us you’ll be investing in a trustworthy partner who understands the importance of delivering product.

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