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British Design, Made in China, Sold Globally

8 June 2012

For over 10 years, 3fD have successfully designed, manufactured and shipped products all over the world.

Many clients to UK product design companies are buyers and product managers looking to differentiate products from their competition. 

When UK design company, 3fD, launched in 2000, China was already luring its customers to Asia with the ability to differentiate on cost alone; design was being dismissed in favour of more of the same, but cheaper. 

As more and more of potential clients began to feed from the same Asian supply chain, competing on cost was not enough. Chinese manufacturers began to offer low cost design to differentiate products and to win business from each other. 

This was potentially a terrible moment for British design, but good design is more than a freebie. Plagiarism and LED bling is a poor substitute for talented and inspirational design. 

3fD seized an opportunity to fight back. 

In 2001, 3fD offered a turnkey manufacturing solution, with award winning British designs, manufactured in Asia, to be sold globally.  

Designed and tooled within weeks, the stainless steel/glass promotional GROLSCH beer skimmer was part of the SAB Miller global launch of the Finishing Touch campaign and is one of many products 3form Design have designed in the UK, manufactured in China and sold globally.


From the first concepts and innovation, to the food compliance testing and shipping to 60 different countries, the huge success of this award winning baby food maker is due in no small part to the 3form Design turn key solution, where design and manufacturing sit side-by-side. 


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