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3form Design is a UK based product design company in Hampshire. 

We offer a disciplined creative resource to all industries ultimately requiring new product design. Our clients range from large corporations to individuals with a novel idea.

Working to a specific product design brief or looking at the “bigger picture” we create new opportunities with real solutions to real problems.

Our sensitivity to trends and understanding of human behaviour enable our product designs to fulfil the needs of businesses, consumers, and brands.

Product design is more than looking "cool" .....

....satisfaction is in the tactile click that serves you when you use it, the reassurance of a product that is put together well, and a price performance ratio that makes the user feel good about their purchase.

We keep product design intent and manufacturing know-how closely coupled reducing risk and allowing innovation to take place robustly.




Cryocooler new product successfully launched 

July 2015

Ergonomics and aesthetics designed by 3fD


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We all know that in life, at work, on the street the first impressions really do matter.

Molson Coors invests a cool £6.5m into Coors Light

July 2015

Molson Coors is giving away 450,000 'Stay-Cold' coasters which, once frozen keep a pint, bottle or can cold

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